About Kyle
Certified High Performance Coach

life coach The beginning of Kyle Campbell High Performance Coaching.

I started my coaching career as a football coach back in 1997 with the Bozeman Kodiaks and have coached at various levels from the little guys (8-12 year olds) in Optimist here in Boise to a Class B high school in Montana all the way to adults at the semi-pro level in Seattle and Bozeman.

The thing I loved about coaching football was teaching the techniques and skills to eager, coachable individuals and, seeing what we practiced during the week, translate onto the playing field with consistent, successful execution resulting in wins on game day. Working in marketing I would often have to coach our clients to help them gain clarity about what they really wanted to accomplish and “Why” they were in business. Many people go into business because they don’t like working for someone else or they think they can do it better or they see it as a way to control their life and finances. But they often get caught up in the day-to-day “stuff”, doing everything they need to do just to keep the doors open. They forget why they started it in the first place. I saw that they didn’t have a clear vision for their business or, in many cases, their life, and often found myself acting as a sounding board and giving them another perspective. Coaching them on their goals and mindset, getting them outside their comfort zone and helping them to work through their fears so they could go to the next level in life and in business. They needed more productivity and energy to accomplish everything they wanted to do and to have the mental and physical stamina to get through their days and achieve the goals they’d set for themselves. They needed to have more influence with their family, their friends, their clients and customers, their partners and their employees. And the needed to have more courage in going after their dreams and goals and asking for what they needed to achieve them. They needed all the things I had been learning in high performance. And although I regularly got results, they were inconsistent from one client to another or it didn’t last. They would experience shifts in their mindset and change their thinking but I wasn’t always able to show them the steps to consistently get from point A to point B and beyond. I didn’t know and have the tools, strategies and habit required to get heightened and sustained levels of potential and performance. So in 2017 I went searching for ways to get better, more consistent results for my clients and myself and after looking at several coaching programs I found High Performance coaching from the High Performance Institute. A Certified High Performance coach is the highest trained coach in the world. The certification I received from the HP Institute is the most rigorous training in the industry and is backed by science and based on 1,000’s of academic studies and tens of thousands of coaching sessions. This is advanced coaching that gives people the tools, strategies and habits that helps them find their own truths and transformations to achieve consistent, long-term success in all areas of life and why Certified High Performance Coaching receives a customer satisfaction rating of 9.4 out of 10 when the top coaching programs receive a rating of only 7.6. I began coaching clients 1-on-1 and in groups in early 2018 and my clients started getting immediate, life-changing results. They were getting the clarity and purpose they were looking for and experiencing the changes and transformations they wanted in their life. Since that time I have worked with moms, dads, parents, athletes and entertainers, as well as, individuals in the Real Estate, merchant services, marketing, mortgage, financial services, coaching and training, internet, direct selling/multi-level marketing, website design, healthcare, legal, trades, and solar industries to name a few. I work with individuals and groups to help them break through barriers and make the transformations necessary to get to the next level of success. All the highest performing individuals in the world have coaches – the best athletes, CEOs, entertainers, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs all have coaches. I personally have 2 coaches – one for coaching and one for high performance – for that very reason. I knew I needed to have an outside perspective and someone that would support and encourage me, push and motivate me and, ultimately, hold me accountable for when I’m not doing what I know I need to be doing to achieve my goals, impact people at a higher level and create the life I desire. I am currently the only person in the company but plan on bringing on more people to support the mission as I expand our on-line courses and the speaking/training side of the business.

Why I am passionate about what I do.

Personally, I have 2 coaches – one for coaching and one to help me be my best and achieve my full potential (High Performance) – and would not be where I am today without them, so I know the impact coaching can have on a person’s life. I give you an outside perspective; I cheer you on, I understand, respect and appreciate you but also push you… That’s what I do! That’s my job. Your dreams and goals are important so I’m going to hold you accountable and ask you the tough questions no one else in your life is asking you right now. I’m the guy in your corner cheering you on, championing you, pushing you to be your best, helping you to create your ideal lifestyle and achieve your highest potential. Coaching is life-changing and I help my clients transform their dreams into plans so they will stop wanting things and start taking action and make them a reality. They start feeling and dreaming again and they begin living with greater joy, confidence and fulfillment.

How I have succeeded in the face of adversity.

In 2007, 85% of our marketing business was made up of one client, a multi-media company. Unfortunately, the partners had a disagreement and the partner we worked with most, the CEO, was let go. Furthermore, despite the fact that we had successfully helped the company grow and increase revenues for the past 3+ years, we were told our services were no longer needed. In less than 3 weeks the partnership was dissolved and we had lost our biggest client. We’d gotten satisfied and, quite frankly, lazy and we were caught off guard and unprepared. Suddenly we were scrambling to find new clients and recoup the income we’d lost. It taught us some very important lessons about the make-up of our portfolio of clients, the importance of consistently building relationships and marketing our own business, and the importance of hard work in turning around a company and creating sustained, long-term success. Because of the 2008 downturn, it took us a little longer than we expected to fully make up for the loss of business, but with hard work, persistence and creativity we were able to recover completely within 18 months.